Wine Details

Château Marsac Séguineau
Cru Bourgeois
France • Bordeaux • Margaux
2001 (2 in Cellar)
Jeff Tolmie - with Mike - 06.12.2008
Deep rusty red brown. Nice full vegetative nose, with opulent charcoal & dark fruits. Also a little cassis and mint boiled sweet. Quite classical Bordeaux. Lots of terroir in the mouth. Very good balance. Silky dark berries with green beans, something a little minty. Limestone, like you get in wet cement. This is a very complex wine, retaining an obstinate balance throughout a long finish. A wine drinker's wine. As it opens out it is lush and full of tannins. Opulent is definitely the word here.
Alcohol: 13%
Mike, Steffi, Sami and I decided to try out a new Carrefour supermarket that has opened at Lauterbourg, just near us on the border in France. I decided to try out their wine selection.

Initially, I was a little disappointed, until I discovered that they had a separate premium wine section, locked away from the heathen. I managed to communicate in my primitive french that I would rather like to take a look inside. A young guy let us in and gave us some great tips. He even dropped the price on a couple of bottles. Then the sommilier turned up! I have to say, it was just great. We started hunting down the best value bottles he could find. All the time he was telling me where they came from, which Pme. Cru they were next to. I think he was enjoying himself as well. Who knows, maybe it was an expert sales ploy. I don't think so though.
Ref: 599