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Pape Clément • Clémentin du Château
France • Bordeaux • Graves
Jeff Tolmie - 21.03.2009
I opened this bottle with my eWine friends on the evening of our "Sensorik" seminar. We had been tasting all day, so maybe I was suffering from fatigue. This time it has a slight musty note - or maybe it is paprika. On the nose I am certainly getting paprika. Very good tannin and acidic balance, showing that the wine has good aging potential. I have to be honest, this bottle appears a little unusual compared with the first one.
Dio - 21.03.2009
Dichtes Purpurrot. In der Nase leichte Note von Paprika, Würze, auch die Beerennote ist ausgeprägt. Reif und marmeladig. Das Taningerüst ist noch sehr vordergründig, braucht noch ein paar Jahre. Trotzdem macht er jetzt schon Spaß trotz seiner Härte am Gaumen. Langer nachhaltiger Abgang. Wäre interessant wie er sich in paar Jahren entwickelt. Schätzungsweise topp.
Jeff Tolmie - with Mike - 20.02.2009
This has a really powerful nose. There are rich black berries and strongy spicy pepper. In the mouth, wow. This fruity rich power in a Bordeaux is sensational. Like an Aussie with finesse. Not that Aussie wines can't have finesse, but you get the picture. The tannins and acid are soft and full. They come at you long and slow, making a nice complex finish. Impressive.
Alcohol: 13%
Winemaker: Bernard Magrez

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Ref: 598