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Château Bibian
Cru Bourgeois
France • Bordeaux • Listrac Medoc
2000 (1 in Cellar)
Jeff Tolmie - 25.08.2008
Medium rusted red. Well rounded aromas of black currant and forrest floor after a rainshower. Confident acids and full medium bodied tannins provide a well balance background for ripe dark fruit, not to fruity, not too sweet. Star anis. Long balanced finish. Sophisticated but a little brash. After two days this mellowed out, the forrest floor disappeared and lovely notes of spicy fruits come to the fore.
Silke's Weinkeller
Alcohol: 13%
I brought this up out of the cellar and am stunned that I can't find it here in my database. Where and when did I get this bottle?
Ref: 553