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Lafon-Rochet • Nr.2 du Château
Grand Cru Classé 4e
France • Bordeaux • Saint-Estèphe
Jeff Tolmie - 05.10.2005
Ruby Red at the rim, darkening to a deep red at the center. Initially very closed. Dark Cherry. Later spices & a hint of licorice. Not intense. Tobacco, prune, currant. Chewy tanins. Astringent. Good strong tanins, with a long complex finish. A nice zesty furry ending. This wine is opening up wonderfully. Very distinctive Bordeaux, not overly fruity or sweet. Full of complexity, long and interesting.
Alcohol: 13%
At Lafon Rochet the grand vin, Chateau Lafon Rochet, is made from 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot, with the remaining 5% Cabernet Franc. The grapes are harvested by hand and sorted on a table de trie. There follows a non-temperature controlled fermentation, followed by up to eighteen months in barrels, up to 40% of which are new. The wines undergo malolactic fermentation in tank and are filtered and fined prior to bottling. There are typically 12000 cases of the grand vin produced per annum, and 8000 of the second wine Numero 2 de Lafon Rochet.

I think Lafon Rochet produces, certainly from the 1990s onwards, good value wines with plenty of structure, flavour and appeal. It does not rival its near neighbours Cos d'Estournel and Lafite Rothschild (in Pauillac on the other side of the Jalle du Breuil) in terms of sheer quality, despite being located on the same gravel mound as the former. Nevertheless, it does offer excellent value for money (in recent vintages at least) for those that enjoy the firm style that is typical of St Estèphe. (21/10/03)
Ref: 113